Top 10 Power Plant Technology Companies - 2019
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Top 10 Power Plant Technology Companies - 2019

With energy at the helm of the economy, one can safely say that the person who controls the supply of energy makes the decisions running the world. It’s imperative for a power company to be at the top of their productivity to solidify itself in the market. With the electricity usage set to double globally, requirements run higher than ever. The global power generation industry is set to face an uphill task in the coming years.

Extensive research has fuelled the innovation of a slew of new technologies for power generation, which includes fluidized bed combustion systems, gasifier-combined cycle plants, fuel cells, and magneto-hydrodynamic power plants, state of the art nuclear technologies and renewable technologies.

However, alongside disruptive technologies, cybersecurity threats, and increasing environmental regulations have been putting the conventional energy industry in a fix. Renewable energy industry, until now, has been fairly experimental. Factors such as availability of power, quality, and the initial cost of set-up are preventing renewable energy to be treated as reliable as the conventional sector. Employment of modern technology to educate workers about safety regulations is becoming increasingly crucial. Furthermore, staff recruitment and retention have become a tough task since the millennial workforce tends to seek out up-and-coming technologies, rather than being bogged down by a cumbersome system which the older generations seemed happy with. Established power industries, both conventional and renewable, have to catch up with the newer technologies and trends to satiate the mounting demand and predict and fix performance, supply, workforce, and environmental issues.

As technologies take center stage, the advent of blockchain has revolutionized almost all industries in every perceivable way. Though in its nascent stages, blockchain adoption has been making tremendous strides in the power sector as well. More than 150 countries are developing blockchain energy tools, and $5.8 billion has been invested globally towards the development of blockchain microgrids. It has created a trade between businesses and households directly, bypassing a central authority. On the other hand, AI-enabled algorithms show promise in predicting anomalous behavior, improving efficiency, and cost affixation. Also, storage technologies have the potential to be a major disrupter. Battery storage can easily fend-off peak demand and help in storing excess energy generated for later use. IoT is touted to handle operations, manage asset performance, and monitor energy consumption.

Adapting these technologies to the existing power production structures require a high level of know-how and expertise. While technologies are positively disrupting the future, it is imperative to choose the right partner to help in meeting the demands. We have assessed the top power plant solution technology providers that have transformed the power plant industry in recent times and turned quite a few heads. A distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, Analysts, and the editorial board of Energy CIO Insights has selected a list of power plant technology solution providers that have showcased in-depth expertise in delivering innovative solutions.

We present to you Energy CIO Insights’ “Top 10 Power Plant Technology Solution Providers 2019”.

    Top Power Plant Technology Companies

  • GE Power develops the next-generation energy technologies and improves the power networks that consumers depend on today. The company contributes to one-third of the world’s electricity and equips 90 percent of power transmission utilities across the globe, and GE's software manages 40 percent of the world’s energy. GE Power offers a portfolio of digital energy products that include digital grid solutions, operations performance management, advanced distribution management solutions, asset performance management, mobility solutions, and utility analytics. These solutions solve the challenges of grid transformation with an integrated and interoperable digital grid management system.

  • Goodway Technologies manufactures specialized industrial maintenance products for a diverse list of markets including HVAC, energy, maritime, manufacturing, and more. With over five decades of industry expertise, the company's products find vast applications in plant maintenance for cleaning plant machinery, hazardous material cleanup, and other industrial maintenance needs. An ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Goodway Technologie’s innovative cleaning solutions allows clients worldwide to perform routine power plant maintenance duties faster, easier, safer and with more efficiency. The products from the company includes tube cleaning systems, industrial vacuums, cooling tower maintenance systems, dry vapor sanitation solutions, descaling systems, coil cleaning products, and more

  • The company specializes in integrated automation and simulation solutions for power, oil and gas, pulp and paper, and many other industries. With over 30 years of experience, MEL group optimizes performance, improves reliability, and enhances efficiency throughout their customers’ plant lifecycles. The company’s in-house Thermal-Hydraulic Integrated Network (THINK) Digital Twins (or triplets) solution combines the power of digital power plant simulation (DPPS), AI (neural nets)-based decomposition and FFTD (Fast Fourier Transform Digitization), and data analytics to monitor and predict the performance of equipment across an organization

  • Through world-class thermal power generation and environmental technologies, MHPS opens the door to a zero-carbon future. Achieving the world’s highest level of efficiency, MHPS’ product lineup covers a range of output from the small size for distributive power to the largest size for concentrated power generation, which enables the company to meet the various demands of the market. Historically, MHPS focused on providing centralized power generation technologies as an original equipment manufacturer, but the company has evolved to utilize cutting-edge, clean power generation technology to promote carbon reduction and contribute to environmental protection.

  • P S Analytical (PSA) specializes in the manufacture and support of instrumentation used to detect and measure trace-metal levels. Founded in 1983, PSA develops and produces online wastewater analyzers for mercury, arsenic, selenium, and other trace metals. The company initially focused on supplying accessories for automating and improving the detection limits of numerous instruments in the industry before developing its own analysis system for ultra-low-level mercury determination in 1988. PSA’s detector technology is based on atomic fluorescence spectrometry, which offers an extremely sensitive, element-specific detector with linearity spanning over 7 orders of magnitude

  • Babcock and Wilcox

    Babcock and Wilcox

    Babcock and Wilcox deliver environmentally conscious and technological driven solutions and services to industrial and energy customers worldwide. Babcok and Wilcox believe in providing solutions safely, ethically, and as promised. We have grown across industries and continents. Babcock and Wilcox has diverse tools and technologies that they supply to various industrial companies. Babcock and Wilcox have been one of the first engineers of water boilers which has been critically acclaimed by Thomas Edison. Babcock and Wilcox established this company in 1867 and recently celebrated its 150 year anniversary

  • Ecolab


    Ecolab provides smart solutions for water, hygiene, and energy technology that protect people and vital resources. Customers in food processing, hospitality, healthcare, industrial, and oil and gas markets choose Ecolab products and services to keep their environment clean and hazardless, operate efficiently, and achieve sustainability goals. Ecolab’s 25,000 sales-and-service associates comprise the industry’s biggest and most highly trained direct sales-and-service force. Each day, Ecolab dispatches their experts to customer locations around the world in more than 40 industries and over 170 countries

  • Emerson


    Emerson provides solutions to the most complex and profound challenges facing the world in the process, industrial, commercial, and residential markets. Emerson refocused its business portfolio to deliver solutions that bring higher value to their customers. Emerson's teams across the world are continually striving to be more connected, forward-looking, and customer-focused. Their company values serve as the foundation of the entire project plan of Emerson. Emerson tries to be a part of a shared vision that keeps Emerson grounded as a company, moving forward together even as the industries it serves continues to shift and transform

  • ETAP


    ETAP is a global pioneer in designing, maintaining, and analyzing software for electrical power systems. ETAP electrical engineering software offers the best and most complete suite of integrated power system enterprise solution. For over 30 years, ETAP has been powering solutions for generation transmission and distribution of industrial and low-voltage power systems. ETAP's mission is to provide state-of-the-art products and superior engineering services by combining advanced technologies with the highest standard in quality. ETAP is an abbrevation for electrical transient analyzer program and was first incorporated in 1986 by Opertaino Technology Incorporative (OPI)

  • Ham Let Group

    Ham Let Group

    A worldwide company, Ham-Let Group has 14 branches and 4 subsidiaries around the globe and is constantly growing. It provide a wide variety of innovative valves, fittings, and hoses for many industries including: Oil & Gas, Semiconductor, Power Generation. Ham-Let offers innovative solutions for materials management, new supply chains and logistics. For example, the Ham-Let Stock machine designed for factory floors provides immediate access to critical parts. Ham-Let’s engineers assist to specify the appropriate product to meet your exact needs and avoid unneeded risks and costs